Slipping through night..


Slipping through the night..
And staring through the sky..

I wondered what it would be like to fly..

Would it feel like being free and roaming around..

Or it would be like lost and searching for  ground…

Would it be like a great travel..

Or it would be like a thing just worth some scrabble..

Would it be like a feeling of home..

Or it would be like a place unknown..

Would it give me new horizon..

Or it would be just another con..

Then my heart shared his feeling..

Whatever it may be like.. But it would be a moment worth stealing…





When I was young…
My best fanticies would come from clouds….
On a cloudy day..
I loved spending a long time looking at them and using all my imagination to build up stories around the figures… I saw forming from the clouds…
It always made me feel lively…
I always used to wish..
For a home above them…
And laying and travelling on clouds…
And hoped…
May my life someday become a fairytale….

Now that I am grown…
I dont fanticies so..
But still looking at them…
Makes me feel so of home..

I still love watching them and guessing figures out of them..
They can show you everything you want..
Whether a horse..
A father and daughter..
A house..
A force..
A sea…
A Chariot….
A snow ball…
A lad…
And a lots more….


First blog post


Welcome to my blog.. MyVerseBlogg!!

This is my very first blog, and it includes some of the verses, which are result of my poetic instinct.  Hope you would be able to connect with them somehow..

Going ahead.. I would be including some more of my creatives and some thoughts..

Hope you like it!!

🙂 🙂

If you do.. Please share and comment… Would love to hear from you.. 🙂


Juhi Rastogi