Crazy me .. :P


I love those days…
When I am super happy..πŸ˜„
With or without any reason..
Though.. The second one is usually is the case.. πŸ˜›

The days.. When I behave so insane..
That everyone around me juat keep laughing… 😡

When I do keep poking everyone..
And amusing everyone with my stupid answers and comments.. 😝

Those days.. When everyone feels I am high.. When I am totally sober…😜

Those days which gives the feeling of flying and immense happiness… πŸ˜†

Those days when nothing could ruin my day… 😊

Those days.. When I feel like I won the world.. 😁

ThoseΒ Β days.. When I am so happy and satisfied by myself.. And nothing else matters… πŸ˜„



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