Seeking Perfection…


With lessons in life,  you learn not to compromise on everything you need by your side..

So,  you turn down everything you feel of not your worth..

And begin to seek perfection in all the works..

You also dream to have a perfect being by your side..

Who would understand you and would not expect from you to just compromise and compromise from your side…

But,  then sometimes there comes a situation which force you to re-evaluate..

And you try to judge the things the way they are today…

It makes you feel crazy and hazy at the same time.

And you feel like as if you are digging a mine.

Searching for something that you would never found..

But you decide to stay still and not deviate…

Believing the path you decided for yourself is worth the wait..

Because in the end it wont make you happy with what you compromised…

Finding perfection is hard,  as it had to be worth your kind…

So,  believe and believe with all your might..

That things you wanted for yourself would be by your side just at the right time….



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