Love.. A four letter word..
L depicting Loyalty..
O depicts Oneness
V depicts Virtue..
E depicting Empathy..

I fell in love with your smile..
Or the way you made me smile..

Today its so hard to decide..

Leaning on your shoulder was once dream of mine..

A dream that was just one of kind..

When this dream came true..

My world was blue..

Loved every bit of it..

Felt as if  this life was hit..

Surrounded by dreams..

And a feel of seas..

My heart gave a ooze..

May this string never get loose..

Just a thought  that you were mine..

Gave me a sparkling shine..

Being awake but hazy..

You made me so crazy..

Pure and selfless was my love for you..

And your affection made it all so true..

Amazed by how life could be..

I always wanted you as my would be..

But,  as its said..  Not all dreams come true..

Before I could guess.. Distances between us grew..

Now, I sometimes look at sky..

And wonder if I would ever get what was once mine??

— Juhi


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