Dedicated to my hero.. And greatest  strength..

Whenever I feared,  I called for you..
In my childhood and youth too..

Whenever I cried, I thought of you..
Coz no one could love me more than you..

Whenever I felt laid back,  I thought of you..
To analyse what would have been expected by you..

Whenever I felt lost,  I thought of you…
Revising all the encouragement thoughts given by you..

Whenever I was to decide, I thought of you..
Guessing what would have been chosen by you..

Whenever I dreamt, I thought  of you..
To have someone just like you…

Whenever I achieved, I thought of you..
Happiness it would have bought to you..

Whenever I was praised,  I thought of you..
To imagine your reaction if was done in front of you..

Whenever I prayed, I thought of you..
May god put all his grace on you..

Whenever I aimed, I thought of you..
What you want me to..

I am proud to be your girl..
Daughter to a man whose heart is as pure as a pearl..

You always had my back so firmly as a mountain…
And to make me suceed you took endless pains..

Love you dad with all my heart.. 😍😍
Not just now but from the start… 😍😍



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